I'm a «one-woman-show», always on the lookout for new design adventures, be they local or international, freelance or full time. I work most of the time remotely from home. If my creative help is needed on site, then I'm gladly willing to travel for work side by side with the client and/or the creative team. Every new collaboration I see as a challenge and opportunity to discover new fields, with the ultimate goal to create designs that support and enhance that service and product. To put great importance on high-quality, thoughtful and honest design, is what  M I V R A M A  stands for, as well as an open minded, uncomplicated and respectful communication basis. To know more about my creative services, please have a look here.

Are you a company or an individual with a great idea which needs to be designed? Or an agency looking for a creative hand? Let's team up! Feel free to send me a message with a little about what you are planning on, when you want which project started and I will answer you shortly. I look forward to hearing from you!