Corporate Identity  /  Branding
Corporate Identity and Branding, including logo design and collateral material (e.g. business cards, lettering, couvert, packaging, etc.). I accompany the process starting from the idea hunt, over conception and layout, final artwork and printing, up to production and distribution.

Logo Design
Are you a startup or an individual and simply need a logo, business card or flyer? I design small visuals on a fair fee basis, as a first step for your brand and/or event.

Web Design  /  UI Design
Responsive design for websites, created according to the profile, wishes and needs of the client. I collaborate with UX Designers, Web Developers and/or Programmers, which are getting intensively briefed into the whole process, if the project goes out of my expertise (programming) or simply needs a larger team.

Editorial Design
Design of magazines for external communication for customers and internal communication for staff, as well as brochures for private occasions.

Poster Design  /  Flyer Design
Graphic design, typographic work, illustration (free hand) and vector graphics of flyers, posters, invitations and adverts for private and company-related events.

Image & Color World Development
Research and conception of stock images and its color scheme/tonality and style, according to your corporate identity and design. Imagery helps to establish a strong and unique visual language for a brand.

For special happenings or small budgets. My complete photographic portfolio is available on request. For a little sneak peek, please go visit my personal «photo diary» on instagram.