& ART 
I'm a «one-woman-show», always on the lookout for new design adventures, be they local or international, freelance or full time. I like change and challenge and I love to work by myself as much as I love to work with passionate people. To create with all my heart blood is my credo and my absolute drive.

Most of the time I work remotely from home. If my creative help is needed on site, then I'm gladly willing to travel for work side by side with the client and/or the creative team. Every new collaboration I see as a challenge and experience to discover new fields, with the ultimate goal to create designs that support and enhance that service and product. To put great importance on high-quality, thoughtful and honest design, is what  M I V R A M A  stands for, as well as an open minded, uncomplicated and respectful communication basis.​​​​​​​

I have 10+ years studio and freelance experience working as a graphic designer and art director with a variety of clients and areas of interest within the commercial, cultural and social fields. My core competencies are in branding, corporate design and vector graphics. I manage projects from conception and layout, final artwork and pre-print, up to production and distribution. 
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